When looking through the Encounters page, there is quite a lot of information. 

First off we will go through the columns.

  1. Concern column. This will have an icon that will either be  or . This will indicate if the Encounter is signed or not. It will also have a title, which is associated with the Presenting Issue for that Encounter. 
  2. Created By is who created the Encounter.
  3. Created At is the date when the Encounter was Created.
  4. Visit Date shows the date of the appointment associated with the Encounter. If there is no appointment associated with the Encounter it defaults this date to the Created At date.
  5. Signed By is who signed the Encounter.
  6. Signed At is the date when the Encounter was signed. 
  7. Appointment Practitioner is the practitioner of the appointment that the Encounter is associated with.
  8. Actions will either be blank if the Encounter is signed or have this icon  to delete the Encounter if it is unsigned. 

You will also see these buttons on the top right 

of the page. The All Encounters button will create a document in a separate window to display all Encounters within a range you define. The New Encounter button is used to create a new Encounter for that patient. 

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