We take your feedback very seriously at InputHealth and aim to respond promptly to anything impeding your workflow. Recent feedback from a number of our clients talks about the need to disable those pesky confirmation dialogs which pop-up between our routine actions in the CHR. 

As such we've increased the number of SKIPPABLE DIALOGS available to you. Please keep in mind that often the reason why confirmation dialogs were created is because the action being undertaken is often irreversible and signed into the medical chart. If you pick to "Always Skip" be extra cautious to pay attention to the result of the click. 

1) When signing encounters. 

2) Auto-fill template prompt when creating a form. Please note that you can still optionally bring this dialog up again by clicking "Auto-Fill" in the top right hand corner of the form pop-up as below.

3) When "Mark Reviewed" is selected for a lab or report result.

4) Disable "Message Sent" dialog when using a "Quick Message" action from a result review.

5) We have also disabled a redundant dialog which asks you to update/save your referral record when leaving a comment in a referral record. (No action required from your side).

Do you feel there are other dialogs which are an annoyance to you? We are always happy to hear your feedback and will see if we can introduce a Skippable option to make your life easier!

Best wishes
 - InputHealth Team 

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