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Email Delivery 'Failure' - Troubleshooting
Email Delivery 'Failure' - Troubleshooting

Why did my patient not receive an e-mail message from the CHR?Troubleshooting steps to resolve issues with email delivery.

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Perhaps you are trying to send you patient a Qnaire, a Form (requisition), or provide access to the Patient Portal. If your patient is not receiving an email message, there are a few things you can check:

  1. Verify the Email Address: Be sure that you have the correct email address and check for typos.

  2. Check Email Filters and Search Email Folders: Depending on patient's email filter settings, the missing email notification may have been identified as spam. The patient can check their email filters within their account settings.

    Ask the patient to do a search for the email by clicking the search button (magnifying glass). Search all folders including Trash, Spam, Junk, and Promotions.

    Note: If the patient finds the missing email in the Spam folder, they can mark it as "Not Spam" so that it will not be flagged again in the future.

  3. Check for Third Party Filtering: The patient uses a corporate/company email address, there may be other services in use that may be blocking the email.

If you’ve followed these steps and the issue remains unresolved, please contact the InputHealth Support Team.

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