1. Default Referral Template

You can now have a default letter template which will be automatically applied when you create a referral letter from inside an encounter. Please note this will only apply from within an encounter and will not apply if you are generating a letter from the Letters link in a patient chart. To set this up, please follow the numbered steps here as an Administrative user of your InputHealth account:

2) Various Improvements/Additions to Billing interface 

a) Shadow Billing Indicator clearly visible on billing dialog

b) Selecting a practitioner tooltip will popup if encounter billing item doesn't have billing practitioner

c) Pagination on billing dashboard improvements

d) Removed ClinicAid integration auto-login to allow the provider to be auto-selected in the ClinicAid interface

e) Added patient chart button to insured payment dialog and setup friendly date selector for insured payment

f) Diagnosis codes will be pre-filled from the last billing line item if not in encounter 

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