Sometimes you may require a CSV output of your billing for reporting purposes, or exporting into another application (e.g. accounting software, analytics, etc). 

1) Navigate to billing dashboard

In order to produce a CSV report, you need to navigate to the Billing dashboard which you will be able to see if you have proper permissions for your signed in account.

2) Set the filter for items you want to pull into the CSV export. 

Your filter will define the specific billing items that will populate the rows of the CSV export. 

3) After establishing your filter, click the export function in the top right hand corner. 

4) Click on the CSV file(s) to download to your local hard drive. Please note that this export includes IDENTIFIABLE patient information and it is your duty to safeguard and protect the data as per your privacy standards. 

** We are limited to producing 5000 rows of data per CSV file. If you are doing a large export you will see that multiple files are produced which you can download and later merge using Microsoft Excel or an equivalent software. 

** Please also note that bills with multiple items are incorporated into one row of the CSV export separated by commas. Our query is not able to differentiate which of the specific billing items are paid versus which are not if multiple bills are on a single row; however, the total amounts will be presented accordingly. 

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