Since our last published release note, we have identified a main point of contact for all clinics, who we contact with all major new features that have been released. These features are included in this release article, as well as some smaller features. 

  • Our first feature is the ability to automatically apply a user's signature to a form. This is something that is configured under Settings-Templates-Forms. When you click on the signature box within the form, please make sure that this setting is turned on if you would like the user's signature to automatically apply to the form:

  • We removed a dialog box that populated anytime you edited or uploaded a patient file. 

  • Thank you to our users who brought up an item for our client feedback list that has now been implemented! Many users requested an easier and more efficient way to review Inbox items. We released a new button on all Inbox items that allows you to mark an item as reviewed, close that message and open the next one all with one click. This is accessed in the bottom right hand corner of the message dialogue:

  • Another piece of feedback that we received is that having to scroll down (or up) to the current time in the schedule was taking time out your day. We have released a new feature that allows the schedule to automatically scroll to the current time. This can be turned on by clicking the auto scroll button:

  • We released a new feature that makes the workflow of your MOA even smoother. Anytime you search your patient database, any patients you currently have open will immediately populate, saving your MOA time! For a full explanation of this feature, please check out this article and 2 minute video by clicking the image below:

  • A big release this month was our Visits dialogue. This allows you to see all of your patients scheduled for the day based on location. From this Visits dialogue you can add insured or private billing items, start encounters and change appointment statuses. You can also print this list for your billing clerk or for your information. This is a feature that is released on an individual clinic basis. If you feel that your clinic would benefit from this feature, please reach out via in-app support!

  • You can now export your currently filtered bills as a CSV export and automatically toggle the billing dashboard to show only your bills for today, provided that you are a practitioner. Both of these are available in this section of the billing dashboard:

  • In addition to new features, our team also fixed the following bugs in the system:
    1. The ability to delete individual billing items.
    2. Fixed validation error when signing an encounter.
    3. Sped up the schedule dashboard.
    4. Reroute to the summary view of the patient chart if this is selected.
    5. You can now add a new insured billing item on a signed encounter.
    6. Form templates are now archived, instead of completely deleted from the system.
    7. Data Exports are now exporting the correct time ranges.
    8. Group visit requests showing up on the schedule has been fixed.
    9. Dr. Bill integration shows in billing settings again.
    10. Visa/Mastercard and American Express now show up in the private payments filter.
    11. Forms will now be auto saved as part of the encounter, without having to close the form.
    12. #Gender in natural language within Qnaires will now capitalize correctly.
    13. Line breaks in prescriptions will now show up correctly when generated as a PDF.

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