If you have Scheduling permissions, you can configure your or your practitioners schedules.

Flex Schedule Uses:

  • If a practitioner has a day they do not normally work

  • If a practitioners schedule changes from week to week

Configuring Practitioners Flex Schedules:

  • Navigate to the Settings Icon and select "Scheduling" from the settings menu

  • Click on the Edit button and the on Flex to configure a Flex Schedule for a specific Practitioner

  • This will open the Flex Schedule dialogue box, listing all of your currently configured Flex days.

  • To create a new Flex Schedule, click the "+Add" button.

  • Enter the DATE and TIME you would like to start in the clinic

  • Select a DURATION

  • Select a specific clinic under LOCATION (Applies only for those with multiple locations)

  • Select the SLOTS. This Defines the number of patients you can simultaneously see at a chosen time slot.

  • Select INTERVALS. This defines the time interval that patients can book appointments.

  • Select STACKING "Off"/"On". When "On" is selected, patients can only see and book the immediate available appointment on a selected date when making an e-booking (This helps prevent gaps in the practitioner’s schedule).

  • Select SERVICES. Select/Unselect the Appointment Types you can offer during this specific flexible hour. (Appointment Types)

For Information on how to set up Standard Schedules, see the link below:

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