As a first step to getting the SRFax integration set up in the TELUS CHR, you need to sign up to an SRFax Account.

You can set up more than one SRFax account. For example, each provider may want to subscribe to their own fax account.

You can also set up more than one fax number per account and route them to various CHR inboxes. See Adding a second fax number to your SRFax account.

Sign up Steps:

  1. Sign up for an SRFax account. Use the below link to obtain the CHR discount.

  2. Provide your TELUS CHR contact with the following information:

    • SRFax user number

    • Password

    • Fax number

    • Email address (associated with the SRFax Account)

    • Inbox / Provider inbox that should receive all clinic faxes

You CHR Contact can now configure the SRFax integration in your account. Only account owners have the ability to set this up. See Configuring the SRFax Integration.

📌 Note: If you would like to port an existing fax line to your newly created SRFax account, see Porting an existing fax line to SRFax.

⚠️ Important:

  • Wait to hear back from your CHR Contact to advise you that the integration is complete. Once integrated, keep a close eye on your 'incoming faxes' inbox to ensure that you are receiving faxes.

  • If you are new to the CHR, we recommend you sign up to SRFax at least 2 weeks prior to your Go Live date.

Updated: April 2021

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