Depending on the type of message, there are different ways to manage your Inbox.

Close Conversation

You can message / have a conversation with another staff member or patient from within the CHR Inbox. When the conversation is over and neither party should respond or follow up on the message, you can click "Close Conversation."

Once this has occurred, it has been marked as 'done; for all involved parties - nobody can respond to the specific message.

Mark Urgent

A user can mark an inbox item as 'urgent' by clicking the "Mark as Urgent" option found at the bottom of the specific inbox item.

Similarly, a user can "unmark" a message/report that has been marked as urgent, by repeating the above steps.

The Urgent message presents itself within an Inbox as follows:

When creating an urgent New Message, you can click on the yellow box at the bottom of the message that reads "Mark as Urgent".

Mark Done

This allows a user to mark a message as complete from their perspective (i.e. no follow up required) but does not affect the message in any other inboxes.

This will 'grey out' the message and add a checkmark to the left of the senders name.

An inbox item can be "Marked Undone" - this will remove the greyd out message with the checkmark to the left of the sender.

Mark Reviewed

If you, as a Physician are looking at patient information that has to be reviewed (for example lab results), you can 'initial' that you have reviewed this result by clicking "Mark Reviewed."

This will timestamp the result as reviewed by you and place it in the comments section of the specific inbox item (report).


To add a comment to a lab (example a note to anyone else reviewing the specific lab) click on the "Comments" button.

"Super Button"

This 'arrow' button will:

  • mark a report/ any inbox item as reviewed (item greys out with a checkmark),

  • close it, and

  • open the next inbox item on your daily list of inbox items

Last updated: Dec 2020

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