Populating your Qnaire score in encounter notes consists of three steps: 

  1. Creating a patient data variable

  2. Linking the variable to the Qnaire

  3. Inserting the variable in your encounter note

*Note: Any changes to your patient data variable will require re-linking it to both the Qnaire and encounter note. 

Creating a patient data variable

To start off, head to settings->patient data and Add a new category for Qnaire Scoring.

You will then proceed to add a new property and next, create a Numerical field labelled as the Qnaire you will be scoring. Ensure to insert the minimum and maximum values associated with the score.

Linking a patient data variable to a Qnaire

To link the variable, head to the your Qnaire list and select the custom scoring icon as shown below. 

Select the '+' icon to link the targeted patient data. If your Qnaire contains subscores, you will only need to link the variable once.

Inserting the variable in your encounter note

After saving and applying your changes you will head to your encounter template. Refer to the section you would like to insert the score,  from here you will select Insert variable 'Add Patient Data Variable'. Then, proceed to add the categories and data property as shown below. 

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