Please note:

  • At the moment, we only support mobile mode on the app.

  • The user who is logging in must have POC App Access User Permissions

Showing a Blank Screen:

If you are seeing a blank screen when in the POC app, complete the following steps:

  1. Exit the application

  2. Head to Settings on your iPad 

  3. Click InputHealth and ensure notifications are enabled 

  4. Re-open the InputHealth POC app

If this does not resolve the issue, please send us a message through the in-app support chat. 

The App is Freezing:

  1. Exit the application

  2. Check that your wi-fi connection is still enabled

  3. Re-start the application  

  4. If the freezing continues: Is it when completing a specific questionnaire OR for any questionnaire?

  5. If it continues for every questionnaire even after re-starting, please send us an in-app message

  6. If your POC app is freezing when completing a specific questionnaire, please head to the Qnaire editor on your InputHealth account and refer to the article below.

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