Once you have downloaded and logged in to the POC App, you will be presented with a screen to collect patient data. 

From here your staff will:

  1. Assign a patient,

  2. Assign an inbox, and

  3. Select the questionnaires

  4. Hand the iPad to the patient

Assigning a patient

To start off, you are presented with the option of either searching for an existing patient on your InputHealth account or assigning this as a new patient.  

When selecting the search icon, a window will appear with the options to search by full name, last name, first name, or identification.

If you choose to select new patient, this will automatically start the questionnaire by asking the patient their first and last name, identification and gender. This information will then automatically create the patient chart in InputHealth. 

Selecting an Inbox

Assigning an inbox refers to where the completed questionnaire responses will appear once submitted by the patient. Selecting this icon will show all users in your account that are set as 'Practitioners'.

Assigning folders for specific providers, simplifies the process of selecting specific Qnaires for patients. For more information on creating folders for practitioners see the below article:

Selecting Questionnaires

Select the questionnaire(s) you would like completed, the order you would like them to appear in and finally click "Collect Patient Data." 

The staff member can now hand the iPad to the patient to begin completing the questionnaire.

Logging Out/Home

You can return to the home screen or log out of the application at any point by selecting the icon as shown below.

In order to exit,  the application will ask for a numerical passcode. This Numerical Passcode protects patients or unauthorized users from accessing data and other features on your iPad.

This passcode can be configured in Settings -> Tablet App.

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