Once you have downloaded and logged into your POC App, the Collect Patient Data screen appears.  

From here you can:

  1. Assign a patient,

  2. Assign an inbox,

  3. Select Qnaires

  4. Collect data (hand your device to the patient)

Assign a patient

You can search for an existing patient:

  1. Click Search Patients.

  2. Click Search by and select an option from the list to search by: Full name, Last name, First name, or Identification.

You can assign it to a new patient:

  1. Click New Patient. The patient completes a Qnaire collecting demographic information. This information automatically creates the patient chart in your CHR. 

Assign the Qnaire responses to an Inbox
Click Select an Inbox and choose the provider who should receive the Qnaire responses.

Selecting Questionnaires

Select the Qnaires the patient must complete, and click Collect Patient Data

Organising Qnaires into folders. simplifies the process of selecting specific Qnaires for patients.

Hand the device to your patient to complete the Qnaires.

Select the icon at the top-right corner of the screen to return to the home screen or log out. Enter your numerical passcode.

This Numerical Passcode protects patients or unauthorized users from accessing data and other features on your device. The passcode can be configured in Settings > Tablet App.

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