In British Columbia, when you add patients to the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR), the following patient demographics are automatically verified with the Medical Services Plan (MSP) Teleplan system.

  • Date of birth

  • Gender

  • PHN

  • First letter of the first name

  • First letter of the middle name (if applicable)

  • First letter of the last name

This ensures that patients are eligible for insured services that that your bills and claims are not rejected.

If patient demographics are verified, a green check mark appears in the above fields within the patient demographics.

If patient demographics cannot be verified, a red X appears in the applicable field and within the demographics area of the patient dashboard in the patient chart. Click the X to see a description of the error so that you can correct it, as shown below.

📌 Note: The patient's names may be out of order in MSP. For example, if you encounter an error in a name field, MSP may have the patient's middle name as part of their first name, or their first and last names may be switched. Play around with the order until you get the green check mark and the error disappears, showing you that the patient is eligible.

Updated June 18, 2021

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