InputHealth has created something called Patient Data, which allows you to customize what kind of data your clinic wants to capture.

The defaults are Demographics (which pull from the main patient chart), Vitals (which can be updated directly from the examination section of the encounter), and Social History.

Any patient data points you create can be pulled into Letters, Encounters and Forms. Patient Data can be added via Qnaires (patient responses).

Creating a Patient Data section

  • Navigate to Settings --> Custom Data --> Patient

  • Click on +Add

  • A new window will appear

  • Enter your "new Category"

  • You can then add new properties

  • From here you can add fields that you want to capture from within by clicking on the created Property

When creating Patient Data you can add it as a Single Select, Multi Select or Free Text (just like variables in Encounters and Letters). You are prompted to select one of these when you click on "Add Field" within a new Property.

Required means that if it is linked to a Qnaire, the patient MUST complete it in order to continue. Internal Use Only does not allow it to show on Qnaires.

  • Once you have added all of the fields that you would like, click Save.

Congratulations, you have now created a Patient Data Point!


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