InputHealth has released quite a few features over the last few months. Our top releases have been identified in this article. 

1. Updating patient data from forms. You can now update Patient Data Points from forms. To do so, when creating a Form choose "Saving" and configure your patient data points that you would want updated. 

2. Private Admin Notes: Do you want to make notes on a patient that only you can see? For example there is information about a task you personally need to follow up on? If so, when creating your admin note, you can now mark it as private, which means it will be visible to only you. 

3. In referrals we have now added the ability to sort by the date the referral was added in the system (which is editable, should your referral be added later than it was received), as well as the ability to sort by priority:

4. We have also launched the capability for referrals to remember your filters based on your current waitlist, Incoming, Internal or Outgoing referral section.

5. Does your clinic have multiple locations, and you want a way to be able to determine what a patient's main location is? If so, you can now update this under their demographics in the Update Information tab. 

6. We have upgraded our PDF server to better handle and generate PDFs across the system. Since the upgrade our reports of errors has dropped to almost zero. Should you still have issues generating a PDF, please reach out via in-app support.

As always, InputHealth thanks you for your support as we continue to release a better and better platform, thanks to your feedback!

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