Please Note: All User settings require an authentication action (password) when changed, and are therefore usually edited only by the account administrator.

  • Navigate to Settings > Account > Users Tab

  • Navigate to a specific User Name > Click the 'Edit Gear Icon' besides the user you would like to modify.

  • A new window will open where you can edit general information, security , permission and roles settings.

Note: This setting is typically only available to the account administrator. 

General Settings

From the general tab you will be able edit profile information, select a landing page which will open as the first page upon logging into your account. Here the type of user (staff or practitioner) is identified.

Practitioners by default have an inbox and a schedule available which can be disabled based on your preferences. 

A Welcome text shown at the start of a Qnaire can be customized (optional) on a per user basis. This is linked to the schedule, i.e. patient X who is booked with Dr. InputHealth will see his configured welcome text a the start of a Qnaire.

Security Tab

The following can be edited under this tab:

  • Two factor authentication - recommended security feature

  • Timeout Duration - a time can be defined when a user will automatically be logged out of their account

  • Unlocking - if the User has been locked out of their account, usually after numerous login attempts

  • Password Change

In the event of an emergency, a password can be overwritten and changed by the account administrator. The user will be sent an email confirmation to notify them of the password change. 

Permissions Tab

Usually the account administrator can edit user permissions for each individual user. Further information on user permissions can be found below. 

Roles Tab

You can add clinic customized roles to a specific user. These Roles have specific permissions assigned to them which makes it easy to apply permissions to users with the same roles.

More on Creating specific Roles (and applying user permissions to these Roles) an be found here.

Last updated: February 2021

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