With the permission, Edit Other Users, you can modify a user's account settings. These settings include General profile information, Security settings, Permission and Role settings.

📌 Note: If you modify any user settings you will be asked to authenticate yourself with your CHR password.


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Account.
    The User Management window opens.

  2. In the User List, scroll down to the user you want to modify.

  3. Next to the user name, click Edit.

    A new window opens.

  4. To change general profile information and more, click General. See Update a user's general profile information and settings for more details.

  5. To change security settings, click Security. See Modifying user security settings. for more details.

  6. To change user specific permissions, click Permissions. See Modifying a user's permissions.

  7. To add clinic configured roles (see Creating and modifying user roles) to a user,

    a. Click Roles > +Add Roles and select a role from the list of configured roles.

    c. Click Submit.

Updated September 16, 2021

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