Email notifications are sent to patients to

  • Confirm appointments

  • Notify them of appointment changes

  • Provide appointment reminders

  • Complete specific Qnaires

To customise notifications see Customizing appointment notifications for patients

Once an email is sent to a patient, they can access it in their personal Email inbox.

When the patients click the message, they are presented with the following details (default message). 

You can configure the email address, website and clinic name at the bottom of the message. See Updating your clinic's account information for more information.

When a patient selects Click Here or Appointment details they will first be asked to authenticate their identity with their date of birth (DOB).

Upon accurately entering their DOB, the patient will automatically be led to the start of the questionnaire or appointment information. 

Appointment details are presented to patients as shown below. From here, the patient can request to change their appointment if this setting is enabled in your account. See Clinic wide eBooking settings for more information.


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