SMS/Text notifications can be sent to patients to

  • confirm appointments,

  • notify them of appointment changes, or

  • provide appointment reminders or

  • complete a specific questionnaire

Once a notification has been sent to a patient, they will receive a link as shown below to access any pre-visit questionnaires. If there is no questionnaire being sent to the patient their notification will only display appointment details with no links. 

When the specific questionnaire link is selected, the patient will be led to a screen to enter their date of birth.  Depending on their device, the ability to enter the date of birth (DOB) will vary.

Correctly entering in the DOB will allow the patient to access the questionnaire.

This DOB authentication step can be disabled or enabled by navigating to the Settings Icon in your platform and selecting "Smartphone" from the menu. See link for further details.

For further information on customizing Patient Notifications, see the following link:


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