Patients receive Qnaires from E-mail/SMS notifications which provide a link or button to access the questionnaire.

Every questionnaire begins with an introductory screen which shares a description of the tool and estimated time of completion. To begin the questionnaire patients will select 'Start Questionnaire'.

From here, they are presented with the questions from page to page. The responses selected will be highlighted. 

If you have made all questions mandatory, to proceed forward patients must answer every question or they will receive a prompt as shown below. 

To proceed forward to the next page the icon at the bottom of the page will be selected. 

After completing all questions, patients may be presented with a review screen of all responses at the end of the questionnaire. The review screen will allow them to return to any section of the questionnaire and change their response. This can be enabled or disabled in your Settings. 

Once complete, patients will select Submit and receive a confirmation message. 

By selecting 'Click here to continue' they will be re-directed to a default screen or URL which can be customized in your Qnaire Editor. 

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