You can choose to either create a new encounter or edit an existing encounter.

When creating a new encounter, a Select Template window appears (default setting), giving you the option to select an encounter template:

Note: If you do not use encounter templates on a daily basis, you can disable the default. Click Do not open this dialog by default.

  • a Template that is linked to a Presenting Issue, or

  • Select from a Folder of Templates

You can also choose to select no templates by closing the window.

NOTE: Once you sign an encounter, you (with the appropriate user permissions) can only edit by Unlocking the Encounter.

You can start or access an encounter,

  • from your Schedule

  • from the Visits dashboard

  • from the Patient's chart

1. Starting an Encounter from your Schedule

  • Starting from your scheduler, select the patient's appointment.

  • Click on Encounter

  • The specific patient chart will open with a new encounter

2. Starting an Encounter from Visits

  • Select the Visits icon.

  • Click on the specific Appointment associated to the Patient

  • A new window will appear --> select "Start Encounter"

3. Starting an Encounter from Patient's Chart

From the patient's dashboard you can start encounters from the:

  • 'Latest Encounter' widget or

  • Quick Menu, select the '+' icon ┬ábeside Encounters

  • Blue Start/Open Dropdown menu, select Encounters


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