InputHealth has released quite a few features over the last few weeks. Here are some highlight excerpts for you:


Patient Data Widget: This is a new box at the patient's front page which can be updated on a per-user basis. Click on the manage button and search for an existing patient data field of interest to have this information automatically display on the front page of any patients you access.

Advanced Tax Configurations are now also available within InputHealth. Go to Settings->Tax to setup tax rates applicable for your account. These tax rates can be applied to products (Settings->Products) that you have setup in your account.

Hiding Encounter Sections: You can now hide sections of the default encounter template which are not needed for your day-to-day activities. This is an individual user preference setting found within an encounter and will apply to all encounter once configured. 


NEW Prescription Database Selection: We’ve uploaded the latest medication database from Health Canada to InputHealth for your selection. Your default database can be updated under Settings-> Prescription

Your own individual work hours can be setup directly from your profile panel as opposed to need to enter Settings to configure.

Timestamps have now been added to automatically appear on any Administrative Note that has been marked as important

Signatures for Encounter PDFs generated will now only appear on the last page.

Queuing Qnaires in Encounters will now automatically process all questionnaires in the order in which they are selected.

Features that are not available to you on InputHealth will now be automatically hidden based on your account user permissions.

As always, InputHealth thanks you for your support as we continue to enhance the features of our platform. We look forward to hearing more feedback from you in the future.

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