InputHealth has launched quite a few exciting new features on this release, here are a few of them:

  1. When booking an appointment, it is now live updated with any user who currently is in the process of booking that appointment slot, which helps remove double booked appointments.

2. There is now a count of appointments as well as the appointment date generated on all daysheets generated from the visit dashboard:

3. When using the next available appointment feature, you can now search for a practitioner from your list, instead of scrolling down to find the right doctor:

4. When adding a diagnosis to your encounter note, the last 5 diagnoses the patient has had in a signed encounter will now automatically populate below, allowing you to quickly add the diagnosis for your patient:

Bug fixes:

  1. If you change the patient booked into an appointment slot, the system will now re-trigger a confirmation message.

  2. There was a small bug sending an email from a PDF, this has now been released.

  3. Adding information to an old form was removing some data, this has now been fixed. 

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