InputHealth is excited to announce the launch of several new features on this release, below is an explanation of these new features, as well as a link to relevant Help Centre Articles, to allow you to implement these improvements for your clinic. 

  1. You can now mark messages in your Inbox as "urgent"

    2. In patient files, you now have the ability to view the date associated with a particular file. For example, if there is a date associated with a lab result that is different from the "date uploaded", you can now view and edit this. The corresponding icon will also now change to "green" once a file has been reviewed, to quickly show you which files have been reviewed or not.

    3. The date associated with the file can now be manually adjusted for patient files by clicking on the "pencil" icon next to the file and selecting the date field below.

4. Another new feature released is the ability to filter and change the way "tables" are viewed within the platform.

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