1. The account owner can now allow for a providers signature to be added automatically to prescriptions, just like in Encounters. This feature is particularly helpful for Manitoba and Ontario facilities, since they do not require a unique signature for each prescription.

2. Users can now modify the date in the encounter to re-link it with the right appointment, in case they miss out linking the encounter to an appointment. Please note that you would not be able to make a change to a signed encounter.

3. When patients fill out a Qnaire asking for Family doctor, IH will pull the information from contacts. The patient can now select the physician from a drop down in the field. In case the patient does not select the auto-filled option and enters the physician name manually, it will be labelled patient-reported in the Qnaire response.

4. Users can now see patient's past and future appointments in the Summary View. This helps in optimal scheduling, timely follow-ups, and better care planning. 

5. Magnet Icon (in Scheduler) will remain unchecked, if a user is attempting to manually update schedule filters. If a user wants to view a particular physician's schedule, s/he can select the magnet icon and move back to the desired schedule.

6. While creating a message from the Patient Chart, the users can now snooze messages directly from the dialogue box.

And last, but not the least, thank you for your support while we build the best possible platform!

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