InputHealth is excited to announce a change in the way our schedule works! Based on client feedback, we determined that many clinics often travel from a date in the future, to a patient chart and then back to the schedule, at which point they have to re-navigate to that future date. 

We have now changed the Schedule to remember the date you were last on (this resets at midnight every night) allowing you to easily manage specific clinic days without having to hit the back button on your browser, or re-navigate to the date in the schedule. Should you want to return to today's date, you can re-hit the Calendar icon, or the Today button in the top right hand corner of the schedule:

We have also added a new button to referrals, allowing you to open a patient's chart in a new tab, without having to leave the referral screen:

Note: the patient has to be registered in your system already in order for these buttons to appear

We have also made entering vitals from the Patient Data screen much easier by combining it into a single entry page, allowing your admin staff to more quickly enter this information outside of an encounter.

As always, thanks to our clients for providing feedback that allows us to build the best possible platform! We look forward to providing you more exciting features in the future!

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