Note: This is in Beta testing, please reach out to have activated.

InputHealth is excited to release a new update to our referrals management system. You now have the ability to update Patient Data directly from a referral record. While in the Referrals section, if you now click on a record, you will see a new Patient Data section on the right hand toolbar: 

These Patient Data categories can be customized to appear here by going into your Settings - Referral, and selecting the new tab labelled "Patient Data".

You will then have the ability to customize which Patient Data will appear for Incoming, Internal and Outgoing referrals. 

As well, you will be able to sort your referrals by this Patient Data, as a new filter has been added to allow you to do so. 

In addition, coming in a future release, InputHealth will be releasing "Referral Data" separate from Patient Data. This will be built with the idea that Patient data is to be used when the information is true of the patient i.e. "Type 1 Diabetes" and Referral Data is to be used for things like "Type of Surgery".

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