Our team at InputHealth is excited to release a new feature to help manage Care Team members associated with patients. This feature will now allow you to easily identify and manage sending letters out to all the relevant health care providers.

Beginning with the patient's chart, you will now have the option to add a "Care Team" widget to their chart's overview. To add this widget, please select the "plus" icon on an open spot in the patient chart dashboard.

Here you can add members from either your Contacts, or practitioners directly from your InputHealth account, as well assign what role they play in a patient's Care Team.

To customize and add Care Team "roles", you can go through your Patient settings as shown below. Here you can create new roles as well as add descriptions. 

Once you have your Care Team roles customized and assigned, you will then be able to easily manage who is included when sending out a letter. This new "CC" feature will allow you to chose who from the Care Team is included when faxing the letter out. You can selectively chose members based on role, or even include the entire Care Team. Once the members have been selected, their fax numbers (if already added in the system) will automatically be populated when sending the fax out. As well, anyone who is included in the fax will appear on the letter as being "CC'ed". 

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