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In many cases, it can be quite helpful / efficient to be able to manage a patient's medications directly within an encounter note. We have made some improvements in your ability to do this, which are outlined below.

1. Renewing multiple medications at once using the 'Select All' button

You can now re-prescribe multiple medications simultaneously from within an encounter by clicking on the new "select all" icon for Current medications

2. Stopping a medication from the 'Manage Medications' box within an encounter

You can now stop a medication altogether when you are in the Manage Medications box within an encounter. Simply click on the icon (see below) next to the corresponding medication you wish to stop.

You will then see a dialogue box that pops up to allow you to confirm the date that the medication was stopped, and whether it was stopped explicitly by the patient.

You will also notice that when you click 'Stop' on a medication, whether its from within an encounter or by going to Start/Open - Medications, it will select today's date by default as the stop date (which you can change if required).

3. Single-click signing

We listened to feedback, which is that many of you felt that if digital signatures were already enabled, there was an unnecessary dialogue box popping up (meaning you had to click twice to sign a prescription).

Now, clicking the Sign button on a script within an encounters or outside of it will automatically lead to the prescription being signed.

If you do NOT want this, we suggest disabling digital signature under Settings - Prescriptions. Note that this is an account wide control and would affect all prescribing users in your organization, and as such will only be visible to the account administrator.

4. An organized view of the medications

If there are multiple prescriptions of the same medication, the platform will allow aggregate them to provide a cleaner view (see below). This applies to both 'Current' medications and 'All' medications. 

You will also notice a new coloured icon to the right side of every medication listed - green indicates that there is still a Current ("active") script, while red indicates that all prescriptions for this medication have been stopped or have expired.


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