InputHealth is excited to announce the release of a few new features as detailed below:

  1. We have improved the ability for your staff to confirm a patients Referring and/or Family doctor, as well as update their appointment, all from a single screen. Instead of using the scheduler to check patients in, we recommend that staff use the Visits tab, which allows them to see all appointments for the day in chronological order. Once a patient is ready to check in, staff can click the appointment details and update the appointment status, as well as confirm, edit or add a Referring and/or Family doctor to the patients demographics, making billing and sending correspondence even easier!

2. We have heard your feedback! Many of our users have requested that their Inbox, Schedule and Visits filters be remembered based on the user, rather than the computer. From this point forward, any time you change your filters, they will be remembered regardless of what computer you sign in on!

3. Another feature that has been launched based on client feedback is the ability to automatically see the advanced fields of a BC MSP bill (like referring practitioner). This is a user specific setting that can be accessed by going to the Insured Billing section of a patient chart and clicking on the gear (settings icon) in the top right hand corner:

Once this has been selected, saved and you have refreshed your browser, these fields will now automatically show up for you whenever you create a new insured billing item. 

4. Practitioners and staff can now open all of their scheduled patients for any day using our Visits tab.  To do this open your Visits tab, filter it to the day of your choice and hit the mass open button.  This will open all of your patients in the Patients screen and will make navigating your day so much easier.

5. You now have the ability to sort, add or remove columns in Files when in the summary view .

We have also launched some minor updates and bug fixes listed below:

  • We have removed the "Start Over" Link on the eBooking page

  • Linked Encounters will now show the date of the appointment instead of the created date

  • Appointment date variables in forms will now populate your local time

  • When searching a patients name in Referrals, "archived" referrals no longer populate as records

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