1. This new feature will definitely make scheduling appointments even faster! You are now able to set a default status to an appointment type. For instance, when sending a booked notification to a patient, you can default the "Confirmation Required status", rather than manually changing this every time you go to book an appointment.  You can also set the status for patients requesting an appointment online. 

2. We have heard your Feedback! When adding a "File Owner" to a document it now appears as a Forward in their Inbox.  No more opening the message and then the document.

We have also launched some minor updates and bug fixes listed below:

  • Your labs results will now show up with the date of the lab, not the date it was uploaded. 

  • When merging patients the system will remember the name and demographic information of the current patient if there is a conflict between the 2 merged patients.  Please ensure you are working from the patient you would like to keep.

  • You are now able to add Encounter Templates to Folders again.  

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