InputHealth is excited to announce the release of a few new features as detailed below:

  1. Users who create bills for others (like a billing clerk or MOA) are able to override that billing practitioners default billing status and have their own set, by making sure to de-select the checkbox identified in the below screenshot within Insured Billing. This allows your physicians to always have a default status of Draft (so that MOAs or your billing clerk can check them for accuracy before submission), while any billing clerk or MOA can have a default status of Ready, since they do not need to review their own bills for accuracy before submission. 

2. The Patient "Summary" view has taken another step forward that we are excited to share with you!  Now you can add "Referrals" and "Forms" to your personalized view.  You can also use the + icon to create a "Referral" or "Form" directly from your "Summary" screen.

To enable these options you should click the "Add Section" button at the bottom of your "Summary" view and choose how you would like to display the information.

3. As always, we do our best to listen to all of your feedback.  We feel this feedback item will be incredibly beneficial to any user that checks patients in and verifies their demographic information!  When using the "Visits" screen the patients phone numbers are now included.  A home phone number is followed by an (H) and a cell phone number is followed by a (C).

4. Oh the goodies keep on coming!  When you are in the "Visits" screen and you choose a patient you will see an edit option.  This will open the "Update Patient" screen without leaving the "Visits" screen!  

5. This is another feedback item that we believe will make a huge difference to everyone's workflow.  When you use the "Next" feature within a patients appointment the appointment note will copy to the next appointment.  

6. Dealing with splitting up multi page faxes!  You can determine the quality/compression of the document you are splitting.  Once you choose how to split up the document, you are able to easily make any edits and then upload the files to the patient chart.  

You can then choose to do any actions you need to do right from that screen.

There's a lot to test out!  We hope you enjoy all of these exciting new features!

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