1. We have increased the amount of options for "appointment duration", to include 5 minute intervals.  Within Schedule Settings you can choose to display "Duration".

When you book an appointment you will then see the start time of the appointment and a drop down with intervals from 5 minutes to 12 hours.

2. Cover Pages when sending out files:
If "Do not open this dialogue by default" is on without a cover page selected:

When you hit the "add cover page" button it will now allow you pick and edit a cover page.  

We have also launched some minor updates and bug fixes listed below:

  • Numerical Patient Data is no longer adding extra zeros to any information.

  • When choosing "none" as a response in a Qnaire, patients will now be able to proceed to the next portion.

  • Changing the date in a patient data variable now allows you to use the drop downs, instead of having to navigate through the calendar.

  • Prescriptions created in an encounter are now all displaying once signed.

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