We have been spending a ton of time getting some amazing updates and new features out to start the year.  Please do take some time to review this Release Note, as there is definitely something in here for everyone.

1. You can now set a date/time format for your account.  

The Account Owner at your clinic can now format the Date/Time used throughout your clinic. To access these settings, the Account Owner can go to their "Profile Settings" and alter the formats here: 

2. Appointment Notes are available to view in the patient chart.

In the "Appointments" section of the patient chart, "Notes" are now available as a column to display. These "displayed columns" are also customizable by selecting the "gear icon" on the right hand side:

3. Go ahead and choose how you would like to notify patients about their scheduled Qnaire.

When adding a new Scheduled Qnaire for a patient, there are now more options for the "Delivery Method", including "Both (Email and SMS)" and "Patient Preference":

4. You now have the ability to configure "Post-Appointment" reminders for your different Appointment Types. These will be sent to patient at that configured time, after the associated appointment's status has been changed to "Visit Completed" or "Note Signed". These Post-Appointment reminders are configured the same way as the "Pre-Appointment" reminders, through your Scheduling Settings - Appointment Types. You also have the ability to associate Qnaires with these Post-Appointment reminders:

5. To save you time, we have also reduced the number of clicks when dealing with Referrals. You no longer have to save the referral before adding it to a wait list, the wait lists will appear in a way that it will not require one extra click to select one, and adding a Letter will now automatically bring up the window to the foreground. 

6. If your clinic has multiple locations, and these locations happen to be in different timezones, you are now able to configure the timezone used in Appointment Notifications on a per locations basis. This configuration can be done from your Scheduling Settings - Locations:  

7. Booking appointments directly from referrals now gives you the ability to link to existing appointments. Some notes here: the existing appointment has to be booked with the SAME "Service Provider" as in the referral, and the appointment has to be in the future. 

8. You can now search for a contact by fax number. 

9. You can also choose whether you would like to fax a letter to a Facility or a direct fax number associated with a Physician.

Stay tuned...more to come shortly!

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