1. One less thing for you to do.  When Excelleris items are brought into your account you will now see the Owner Name (the name of the Physician who ordered / dictated / requested the item) amongst the information associated with the file, as long as that data was available from Excelleris. 

2. You now have the ability to utilize, and apply "Group Filters" in the Inbox.

"User Groups" can be configured by doing the following: 

3. For patients using an Android device to complete Qnaires, touch sensitivity has been improved for all question types. 

4. When adding Cover Pages to your documents, you can now set a default "Selected User" to populate in the templated areas.

5. Directly from your Inbox, you can now edit the file tag and description for a lab result. This can be done by pressing the "Edit" button directly on the result: 

6. We have now made things easier, and with less clicks, to print a document with a signature. 

7. Further options for customizing the time Recurring Qnaires are sent have been added, including the option for "biweekly", and monthly selections, up to 12 months. 

8. The option for applying your custom letterhead to only the first page of documents across your clinic is now available. This is a setting controlled by the Account Owner, and is accessed from their Profile settings: 

9. Appointments with the status of "Rescheduled" will not send any further scheduled reminders for that appointment.

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