You can use Data Slice Exports to utilize and apply filters to export the information you need. To start, head to your Settings and then Data Export. Next, choose the right tab at the top that says "Data Slices".

If you then select "New Export", a dialog box will appear that will allow you to either select a previously created Data Slice Template, or skip to create something new.

When creating a new Data Slice, you will first need to select which "Data Source" you would like to export. These include: Appointments, Appointment Types, Cases, Encounters, Patients and Practitioners.

Once a Data Source is selected, you can then: Set the title of the export, enter a password for secure extraction of the data export, choose which filters to apply, as well as which columns you would like to display.

After you have customized the above, you can select "Export" at the bottom of the box. Once complete, you will then be able to download and open the exported file. Note: please read the below article on extraction.

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