1. As requested by some of our users, you can now choose to have your Custom Header appear on only the first page of your document or all the pages of your document.  

2. When you change an appointment status to "Rescheduled" you are now prompted to review the set reminders.

3. There is now a comments field available in all billing screens that are internal to the claim. At times a claim is cancelled and you may want to add a reason why it is cancelled or other reasons on why the claim is pending. 

4. SRFax allows you to have up to 5 fax lines per account and now our clinics have the ability to integrate them to your IH account.  Every fax number generated by SRFax number has its own
Account ID, Email Address & Password that you will need in order to configure.

5. Within an Inbox message you can now see all participants in the conversation.

6. Users can create Email templates to save time when sending information via email to a patient or other recipients.


- Qnaires allow for future dates passed 2019.

- Within a Referral when you update the Ordering Physicians Contact info (fax #, etc) it updates across the platform to ensure letters go out to the correct fax #.

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