1. Payment Tags

Payment Tags now allow you to "tag" and later filter bills using these new payment tags. To create Payment Tags, first go to your Settings - Billing, and select "Add New Tag": 

Once added and after a browser refresh, you will now see the option to "tag" bills in the spot you normally change the bill's status: 

Finally, in your Billing Dashboard, you can filter for bills that have these tags associated with them:

2. Cut and Paste Appointments

Directly from the Scheduler, you can now "cut and paste" multiple appointments at a time. To do this, you will now notice a new "scissors" icon at the top right hand corner of the Scheduler: 

Once that Icon is selected, a movable window will appear with the title "Selected Appointments". After this window opens, you can either:

  1. Choose each individual appointment separately that you would like to cut and paste

  2. Or select the entire column of a practitioner

To "paste" these appointments, select the slot where you would like the first appointment (the appointment closest to the top of the clipboard) to be pasted to. Once saved, it will be removed from this window, and you repeat the same process for the subsequent appointments.

: it will automatically suggest you apply the next appointment in the slot directly after the one you just saved previously, but if you click outside the confirmation screen, you can choose to place the next appointment where ever you'd like.


  • Scheduler magnets now works on a "per-location" basis

  • You can now customize which lab results are shown in the summary view from Settings - Patient - Summary Setting - Patient Data

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