1. Additional Tab for Appointments

A new tab called "History" (clock icon) has now been added to appointments! Here you will be able to quickly view their past Appointments, as well Diagnoses from Insured Bills.



Each view is customizable by using the "gear" icon found at the top right hand corner of the screen, to select which columns you wish to see.

2. "Important Notes" will appear when booking Appointments

If a patient has an associated "important note" in their chart, this will now pop-up when selecting them to book an appointment: 

Please read the following article on how to create an important note in a patient's chart

3. Growth Chart Information flow

Now weight, height and BMI information can be pushed into growth charts from encounter notes by saving versus having to sign the encounter. 

4. Autofill - Default Users

When applying Form or Cover Page templates, you can now select a default user that will fill in for your "selected user" spots in the templates. To choose your default user, select the person you would like to be your default and then click the "star" icon beside their name.

5. Family Doctor Information

When creating a new patient or selecting "Update Information" from an existing chart, adding a Family Doctor to a patient's chart has now been changed to act like adding their Primary or Referring Doctor. Adding information here will automatically apply to both Patient Data and the Family Doctor Widget. Additionally, you can now remove a patient's "Primary Physician" by clicking on the "x" beside their name. 

6. Vitals - Units selection

You can now select which units height/weight information is kept in Patient Data. This will match what you have selected in your Settings - Profile - Units.

Bugs Fixed

  • Referrals applying the first signature to multiple documents when combined into one PDF

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