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How to split or rearrange PDF documents directly from the inbox

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Using the built-in PDF viewer and editor, you can easily edit PDFs to suit your evolving needs. For example, you can rotate pages, reorder pages and split the document into different pages to create new documents.

You can edit PDFs from either the Inbox or, once filed to the patient chart, from the Patient Files section. The workflow for both is the same.


1. From the main menu, click Inbox, or from the patient chart, click Start/Open > Patient Files.

2. Find and access the desired PDF document.

3. At the bottom of the document, click Split.

The PDF Splitter window appears with the following navigation and editing options:



Click to view or hide the PDF sidebar. Enables you to select individual pages from the PDF.

Click to find text within the PDF.

Click to open a different PDF file from your computer.

Click to print the PDF.

Click to download the PDF to your computer.

Click to view the PDF editing tools, such as rotating pages .

These preset page selection options enable you to create and save a new document from an existing one:

  • Add all: Automatically select all pages.

  • Add except first: Automatically select all pages except the first. This is helpful when you want to exclude cover pages.

  • All except last: Automatically select all pages except the last. This is helpful when you want to exclude auxiliary pages from the end of the document.

4. Edit the PDF in one of the following ways:



Preset page selection options

Click an option to select the desired pages.

💡 Tips:

  • You can rearrange pages for the new document by simply dragging and dropping them in the desired order.

  • You can also exclude pages by clicking x next to the page number.

Individually selecting each page

To select each page individually, in the top-left corner, click Toggle Sidebar. A list of all pages in the PDF appears.

  • Click the page number for each page you want to include in the new document. Selected pages are shown to the right.

5. Click Create.

6. In the new window that appears, enter file details such as file name, description, or owner, and then click Upload.

A new window shows the PDF you just created. You can now download, print or attach it to an existing or a new patient as desired.

Updated May 12, 2023

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