The Visits module is a great tool for billing. It is particularly useful to:

  1. Add the day's billing for each scheduled appointment similar to a day sheet.

  2. Check if bills had been created in an encounter.

*The day sheet (Visits Tab) will show all scheduled appointments from the Scheduler*


The Visits Dashboard can be customized to view what is specifically important to you by going to the SETTINGS wheel. You can select/unselect whichever columns you need. You can also drag them in the order that works best for billing.

The nice thing about Visits is that you can open it from any location in InputHealth. You can be in the schedule, chart, inbox, or wherever to see the status of your appointments and billing.


Using the day sheet instead of the schedule will reduce the flipping around the platform! For more information check out this Help Article:

When you go into your encounter, create your bill and sign-off, your billing will now show up on the visits tab.


There are a few places to check that all billings are completed. Visits is great for a quick snapshot of billing of all scheduled appointments!

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