If you would like an email or SMS notification every time a change is made in your schedule, this is available under Settings - Scheduling - Notifications - Practitioners:

Automated notifications can be configured to alert practitioners about their appointments in your clinic. These can be sent to Practitioners via an email or text messages.

It is advised that clinics makes us of email notifications and only use text messages for unique cases. See the following link for more details:

Configuring Appointment Notifications for Practitioners

  • Navigate to the Settings Icon and select "Notifications" from the settings menu.

  • Select "Practitioners"

  • You can either select All practitioners or select specific practitioners ("By Practitioner") to receive notifications

Next, select your name from the drop down:

You can then enter the email or phone number of where you would like to see a notification for each type of schedule change:

  • To enabled any one of these options, select the "people" icon and enter either an email, phone number or both

  • If you want to modify or delete an email address or telephone number, select the "gear" icon. The below window will appear

Appointment Notifications:

  1. Appointment Request: Practitioners receive a notification when a patient requests an appointment through the e-booking process or the "requested" status is applied internally

  2. Appointment Confirmation: Practitioners receive a notification when a appointments' status is confirmed. This includes booking internally and when a "requested appointment" is confirmed

  3. Appointment Change: Practitioners receive a notification any time an appointment is changed. Specifically, changing the date/time of the appointment.

  4. Appointment Cancellation: Practitioners receive a notification when an appointment is cancelled. This includes deleting/removing an appointment internally, or a patient cancelling the appointment from their end.

  5. Appointment Booking: Practitioners receive a notification when an appointment has the status "booked"

June 2020

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