Manually Integrating the Billing Provider 👩‍⚕️ 👨‍⚕️

If a physician begins billing and they have not been integrated with a billing provider, we can retrospectively add the billing provider.

If you create a bill and you see No Billing Provider Selected, you know that your insured claim will not get sent off to the ministry.

Manual Bill Attachment

Once the billing practitioner is connected to a specific provincial billing provider, bills that are unattached (if created, before being integrated) can be manually attached and submitted to Teleplan, Dr. Bill, ClinicAid, MB Health or MDBilling.

See below the example of attaching a bill to Teleplan.

In the already created bill:

  • Select the Billing Practitioner

  • Make sure they are listed in the Billing Practitioner Box

  • Make sure the Billing Provider Box is Blue

NOTE: In the example above, you can see multiple integration types, Dr. Bill, ClinicAid, and Teleplan. Typically you will only have one set up for your province unless you are licensed in multiple provinces.

If you see via Teleplan or any of the other Billing Providers listed above, you know that the claim is integrated and will be sent off to the Ministry once it's set to Ready.

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