If you are not yet integrated with a billing provider, you can created insured bills but cannot submit them. You can then retrospectively add the billing provider to the bill.

📌 Note: If you are in Ontario, do not create any bills within the CHR until your contact at TELUS Health informs you that the MDBilling integration is complete.

When you create a bill, you will see No Billing Provider Selected under your name.

Once you are connected to a provincial billing provider, you can manually add them to any created bills.


  1. Open an existing insured bill.
    The Edit Insured Payment window appears.

  2. Under Billing Practitioner, click the provider name.

  3. From the Billing Practitioner & Provider window that appears, select your billing provider from the list.
    📌 Note: If the billing provider box is blue the provider was successfully integrated. Usually you will only have one billing provider set up, unless you are licensed and billing in multiple provinces.

  4. Click Save. Depending on your settings, your bill is either automatically submitted or you have to manually submit it.

Updated November 24, 2021

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