1. Anonymous Qnaires 

You now have the option to have Qnaires be "anonymous". This means that when a patient completes an anonymous Qnaire, their results are not sent to any individual practitioner's Inbox or found in their chart. To make a Qnaire anonymous, head to the "Publish" tab inside the Qnaire Editor, and select Yes to "Should this Qnaire be anonymous?": 

With anonymous Qnaire results not being sent to any individual Inbox, you can find these responses under the "Account" inbox: 

If you do not see the Account's Inbox, you will need to filter the Inbox accordingly:

Note: If you are sending an anonymous Qnaire directly from the Patient's chart, you will first still need to select an Inbox, but the response will be sent to the Account's Inbox instead.

2. Prescription Backdating

Backdating in regards to certain Prescription elements is now possible. 

  • Written Date:

  • Dispense On:

Note: these dates can't be altered after the Prescription has been signed

Bug Fixes

  • Deleted Patient Data Categories were still appearing

  • Single and Multi Select Patient Data, if entity value was "null", did not allow for Encounter notes to be signed

  • Deleted Qnaires still appearing to choose when sending out

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