There are certain situations where you want to create a bill that is not attached to an appointment or encounter.

📌 Note: We do not recommend this as a standard billing workflow. Only to be used for unique scenarios.


  1. Open a patient chart.

  2. From the Start/Open menu select Insured Billing.

  3. Click + New Payment.

    A new window appears - New Insured Payment.
    From here you can edit details such as status, patient, billing provider, service date etc.

  4. Click + Add Fee Item.
    A pop up window appears.

    a. In the Code/ Description field enter the billing code and/or description (select from a list of matches)

    b. In the Diagnoses Codes field, start typing the diagnosis and select from the list of matchesAdd diagnostic codes.

    c. Ensure the Service Date is correct, and change it if necessary.
    d. Optionally enter the Time of service.

  5. Click outside the window.

  6. (optional) Click +Add Fee Item to add another billing item.

  7. (optional) Add Internal notes in the NOTES section.

  8. Click Save

Last updated: April 2021

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