1. Quick Fax Button

Last update brought with it a "Quick Print" button, now we have added something similarly great with "Quick Fax" buttons.

2. Additional "Save Prompts"

Notably for inbox Items and Letters, hitting the "x" on the dialog box will now prompt you to save your work.

3. Internal Prescription Notes

You now have the ability to write internal notes on prescriptions. These will not appear when the prescription is generated as a PDF. These notes are also editable after the prescription has been signed

4. File Source Authors

Patient Files can now be assigned Source Authors. They can be assigned by "editing" the file in question: 

You will then have three options to choose from:

  1. Contact - an individual in your Contacts list

  2. Practitioner - a user in your clinic

  3. External - an individual outside of your clinic, but who you do not want to create a Contact item for. These are also searchable in the future if you want to use them again for another file.

5. File Ownership Setting

A new setting has been added under Settings - Patient Files that will allow you to control default file ownership settings.

6. Settings Search Functionality

While in the Settings module, you can now search to quickly find the setting you want.

7. Visit Date Included when printing Encounter Notes

Now when printing off or generating PDFs of Encounter Notes, the Visit Date will be included if  the encounter has been signed

8. Prescription End Date

Instead of automatically populating with the same date as the "Start date", it will now populate as soon as you enter a "duration" or both "frequency and quantity" are applied.

Bugs Fixed

  • deleted Patient Data properties still appeared

  • automatic "stacking" for templated Flex Schedules

  • archived Cover Page templates still appeared

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