There are various ways to access the Encounters Section (summary of all encounters) within a Patient's Chart:

  1. Start/Open Menu (Select Encounters from the dropdown menu)

  2. Quick Menu in Patient Dashboard/ Standard view

  3. Latest Encounters Widget in Patient Dashboard/ Standard View

  4. Encounters Section in Summary View (click on the arrow)

Viewing Encounters page:


  1. Concern column: The icon (DRAFT or FEATHER) will indicate if the Encounter has been signed or not. The title is associated with the Presenting Issue for that specific Encounter. 

  2. Created By: Indicates who created the Encounter.

  3. Created At: Indicates the date when the Encounter was Created.

  4. Visit Date: Shows the date of the appointment associated with the Encounter. If there is no appointment associated with the Encounter it defaults this date to the Created At date.

  5. Signed By: Indicates who signed the Encounter.

  6. Signed At: Date when the Encounter was signed. 

  7. Appointment Practitioner: The practitioner that was assigned to the appointment that the Encounter is associated with.

  8. Actions: This will be blank if the Encounter has been signed. If the Encounter is unsigned, The BIN icon will appear, i.e there is the option to delete the encounter.

Buttons at the top right:

  • The All Encounters button will create a document in a separate window to display all Encounters within a range you define.

  • The New Encounter button is used to create a new Encounter for that patient. 

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