This release brings a lot of exciting new features! 

  1. Filtering Appointments in the Visits Screen

Before you were unable to filter on appointment types or even appointment statuses. You could only filter by which day and practitioner you wanted to show. 

Before this update, when you wanted to print out from the day sheet, you were forced into including canceled appointments. However, now you can filter those out! You can even filter by what type of appointments you want to see. 

2. Faxing from the Visits Screen

Now you can fax directly from the Visits Screen. So if you need some third party to be aware of the appointments for the day, you can do so with the click of a button. 

Once pressed, you will be presented with the general fax dialog. You can enter the fax number directly or search by contact. 

3. More Information In the Visits Screen

Now any tags you attach to an appointment are included in the Visits Screen! If there is no tag attached to the appointment, it will be listed as No Tag. 

If this is something you do not want to see, you can remove any of the columns by using the gear icon in the top right of the screenshot above.

Any of the boxes highlighted blue will be included in the report. And just like the rest of our tables in the system, the columns can be adjusted in size to include more or less info if needed. You just need to drag the column line. 

4. More Data Accessible to Templates

We have added the ability for more data to be accessed in all templates. The first add we have made is making the Postal Code appear in the text generated from this Data Variable:

Secondly, we were missing address information for Referring and Family doctors in the Patient Demographic Section. So now you can have more information auto-filling into templates, streamlining the process even further. 

5. Custom Data and Form Data

We have added a new place for you to store data. It is called Form Data. Its main use is with regards to forms. An article about this new feature will be coming soon!
But with this new addition, we have decided it would be easier to house all of the data together. So instead of having a setting for Patient, Referral, and Form data, we have now placed it all together in the Custom Data setting!

6. Appointment Module

With this new feature, you can now display as many variables as you want within your templates. This is especially exciting for Forms and Encounters where you can show information on various appointments a patient has had. 

Information on this new feature can be found in the article below.

7. Lab Matching for Ontario

Now when you integrate Excelleris Labs for an Ontario clinic, all incoming labs will automatically assign themselves to a patient in the system (if they exist). It will assign it to a patient based on the ID, DOB, and Gender on the lab itself. If it can match that to a patient in the system, it will apply it to their chart! 

8. Send a Form From a Referral

We have added a new feature where you can set a required action on a referral status so that you can send a form to Referring Doctor! To access this, you need to go to the Referral Settings. This new required action is only available for Incoming Referrals.

Once this has been selected, you will see a new required action for whatever status you set this on. 

From here you will be able to choose from any form, apply patient data and then generate the PDF of the form. Once the PDF is generated, you can fax or email the form to the appropriate party. Once completed, you will be able to move onto the next required action. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Reminder Notifications were not moving dynamically when dragging appointment, using the scissor button (cut and paste), or being rescheduled by the patient online.

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