This new feature can be found within the new Custom Data section in your settings. This is an account owner only setting. 

You will then be presented with a choice of creating Patient, Referral, and Form data. Once you have created your category and go to create a new data property, this is where you will see the new Appointment Module Feature. 

You will be able to pick the Appointment Module in the top right corner of the Data Property screen. Once you have chosen that, you will be presented with a drop-down after choosing your data type. This is called the Appointment Module Attribute. This is what data will be pulled into this variable from the associated appointment. The possible choices are listed below:

Once you have completed the setup for your appointment module data, you can go and apply it in any template you like. It works the same way as applying patient data before!

Once you are in a template where you have this data applied, you simply have to click on the variable for the appointment dialog to pop up like so:

It will automatically give you a drop-edown of the past 20 appointments for that patient. Once selected, the data points you have for this data category will be filled. Importantly, there is a checkbox at the top that if checked off, will automatically apply the data when the appointment is selected. This way you don't have to hit save every time!

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